Saturday, September 23, 2006

Too Many RSS Feeds

Okay, so maybe I went a little overboard. But having switched to RSS in order to better interact with the MySQL forums, I seem to have embraced this new way of having content delivered to me whole-heartedly. Of course I added all of the available forum feeds immediately, but then also I added feeds to Planet MySQL as well as some of the constituent blogs directly, also a few NASA blogs and some from family&friends, well, before I knew it the list of feeds has stretched the entire height of my monitor, and I have a 21.3" monitor turned into portrait orientation.

I have to admit, I like staying on top of things and having my feeds polled at 15 minute intervals. I may have to figure out how to subcategorize my feeds so I don't have to look at the entire list always but roll up portion of it. I have already trimmed the list a little, removing some feeds that I had more of curiosity than anything else. Some things are outside of my area of expertise, but it is interesting sometimes to try and follow along, I might learn something.


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