Monday, August 28, 2006

I go away for three days and ...

So I've set up this cast-aside laptop as a machine to do pulls from BitKeeper and do builds and installs and it's working pretty well. I was able to do pulls of six different versions of MySQL and build them. They are now happily running simultaneously.

Then I went away for three days, taking my younger daughter to boarding school where she is starting as a freshman in high school. At the same time my older daughter is off to college so the nest is now basically empty. But I digress.

I said 'was' because shortly after that a couple bugs manifested, one as noted before and one new one which I was pleased to report and have verified. I have been following the development of the MySQL Build Farm Initiative and on Sheeri Kritzer's recommendation, I added this machine to the inventory of available machines. Bug #21642, now fixed in the 5.1 tree, continues to be an issue in the 5.2 tree, and now the 5.1 tree is affected by Bug #21855, and I'll see if I can't do some poking and prodding into what's causing that one. I've taken the opportunity when these issues arise to get under the hood and look into what's going on. In the case of Bug #21642 I had my own workaround patch in place almost immediately while waiting for the official fix, and I'll be doing some research into Bug #21855 as well.

The Build Farm idea sounds like a good one, and while I wait to see how it will develop, I'm going ahead with building and installing more or less daily pulls of the available source trees.


Blogger Sheeri said...

I'm sure your daughters are thrilled you have a hobby in addition to "worrying about them"... :)

8:32 PM, August 29, 2006  

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