Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Reaction to the iPhone concept

I find the new iPhone to be conceptually very interesting. Now, I am very new to the world of PDAs— I have only just started using one, a cast-off Palm Pilot from someone, and already I am thinking of things that it should be able to do but doesn't, or I haven't learned how yet. I suspect that very shortly I will be wondering how I got along without a PDA all these years.

Now, this new iPhone from Apple (I hope that they win the name from Cisco, as I have never ever heard of a Cisco iPhone but the name seems to naturally fit alongside iPod and other Apple products) will apparently be running a version of OSX. I find this very intriguing, because it opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities, including perhaps being able to run MySQL on it, or at least a client, perhaps a small database replicated from a fixed or not-as-mobile source.

At first glance and after hearing various reports, it sounds like a very capable device even without getting under the hood and finding out what makes it tick. Of interest will be what CPU it uses, getting stuff to compile for it, etc.


Blogger BartVB said...

Very interesting phone except for the 800-100 euro price point and the fact that it will be far from an open platform. It seems like getting things to compile for this phone is not really an option :(

1:58 AM, January 17, 2007  

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